Purple Poker  FAQ

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Q: I’m new to this site, how can I join?

A: You can do it through our website, or any of our platforms (Windows, Instant Pay, or Android app), just click the Sign Up button and follow a few simple steps. After filling in your details, you’ll get a verification email. Just click the link provided in the mail and you’re ready to go!

Q: I have created an account, but cannot log in, message says “Account not verified”.

A: You need to verify your account to be able to play, this is due to the player’s protection and integrity. Look for the mail sent to the email you provided us in the Sign Up form. If there is no mail from Purple Poker in your Inbox, be sure to check your Spam folder as well.




Q: I’m new to the game, how does the free software work?

A: To start, you must first download our Free Software to run on your computer. After installation simply double click on the icon made during installation. This will launch the Poker Software and take you to the easy to use registration screen. As always, it is free to register. Once you have completed registration you are ready to start playing. Also, you can play without any installation directly from your browser by clicking Instant Play button on our website.

Q: What minimum system requirements are required to play?

A: The minimum requirements: Pentium II 500 or better, 64 MB memory or better, sound card, SVGA screen capable of True colour. The poker software works with Windows 2000/ XP/ Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8 / Windows 10 on 32 and 64 bit platforms. Any improvements on this system requirement will further enhance your gaming experience.




Q: How do I know if playing online poker is legal in my State?
A: Only Telangana, Gujarat, Sikkim, Assam, Odisha and Nagaland have banned online poker and we do not encourage players from those states to enter our site.

Q: How safe is my credit card if I provide you my details?

A: All transactions at Purple Poker requires your credit card. All card transactions must be verified with the user inputting the account number and associated password. All transactions are secured with the highest available encryption to ensure transactions can never be intercepted. Personal details including Credit Card details are never disclosed to external companies.

Q: Will my details be stolen if I provide Credit Card information over the internet?

A: No, all of our transactions are secured by the most sophisticated encryption available. Data can only be decrypted but your computer and our servers.

Q: Is my account number and password safe when using Purple Poker?

A: Yes! Our customers are the most important part of the site so we aim to ensure your security. This is done by securing all transactions with 128-bit AES encryption. This means all traffic transmitted over the internet can only be seen by you and our servers. Your account number is unique and your password, which you provide, can only be accessed by you.

Q: Can I use a credit card that is not in my name?

A: This is not allowed. We wish to protect and ensure everyone’s money stays safe and therefore only allow credit cards that you personally own can be used.




Q: How can I make a withdrawal?

A: In order to make a withdrawal request, you need to complete your profile by uploading the copies of your documents, both PAN card and Aadhar card (front & back). You can do it through any of our apps (Cashier->Verification). If your documents are uploaded and approved, simply go to Cashier (any of our apps), then Withdrawal, enter your banking details and the desired amount and it’s done.

Q: Is there a minimum amount for withdrawal?

A: Yes, the minimum amount for withdrawal is 1000 INR.

Q: Can I withdraw the money won on Freeroll Tournaments?

A: In order to withdraw the prize money from freeroll tournaments, you need to play 200 hands at any of our cash tables.

Q: What is the minimum for withdrawal without TDS deduction?

A: Withdrawals of 10,000 INR and more daily are subdue to TDS deduction. Withdrawals of 9,999 and less daily will not subcome TDS deduction.




Q: How to I access technical assistance?

A: Purple Poker is contactable 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. We provide a phone number, an email address and Live chat support through which you can access help for all questions or technical enquiries. That number is 8080380807.

Q: If I cannot find the answer to a question in the FAQ, who should I contact?

A: The email address provided for support is the best option. Further, you can fill in the contact form for us to get back to you. We can also be contacted by phone on 8080380807.




Q: What will happen in the event my internet connection is lost when on a gaming server?

A: If a bet has been placed on the gaming server before the connection is lost, the bet will be recorded. Once you reconnect to the server, the result of the round will be displayed. If the server did not receive a bet, the result of your previous bet will be displayed or the server will ask you to complete the unfinished bet.

Q: The cards did not flip during a hand. Why is this?

A: This error may occur if the internet connection is slow or poor. The gaming server will hold the bet until can be resolved.

Q: How can I view my gaming history, including what cards I have been dealt?

A: All this information can be viewed in you game history, this is located in the Cashier tab. To access this, click ‘My Details’ then ‘Play History’. This will detail all your history from the date you signed up to Purple Poker.

Q: If the game freezes while a hand is in play, what will happen?

A: This issue can occur when the internet connection drops out or the speed deteriorates. To fix this issue, close the table and re-join. If you are using Instant Play then you need to Refresh your browser and re-enter. All your chips at the table will be returned to your account without detriment.

Q: I cannot join a tournament, the message displays “The same computer cannot participate on the same table” (windows) or “Same computer” (browser), why?

A: For security reasons, we have a system which does not allow multiple

id’s from the same IP address. Also, using more than one ID simultaneously on tournament and cash tables is forbidden according to our T&C, and such users will be blocked.


Email Support for all help enquiries:


Phone Contact:

Tel: 8080380807

Purple Poker is dedicated to providing the best customer support of any online poker room. The Purple Poker support staff have impeccable technical knowledge which they provide customers in a friendly and personalized manner. With lighting fast response times, players can access 24 hour support. Via email on info@purplepoker.in, we’ll respond to your request in 48 hours latest.

If you have problems with or queries about a specific game or table, please provide your Game ID and phone number, as well as the info on Table name, Hand ID, etc. These are all found displayed on poker client software.

TOLL FREE number ( 8080380807 ) between 10AM to 10PM to solve your queries quickly.